Fleeting messages

Any message sent or received will have A life time of 15 minutes, self-destructing past that time. If it is not seen in that period, it will be displayed as a "has tried to talk to you".
What are you doing?
Confirmación de mensaje recibido

It leaves no trace

When you leave a conversation all your messages will be deleted from the device's memory.

Fleeting photos

Once opened will have a viewing time of 1 to 10 seconds. We have made sure that screenshots can not be made!


Disable "Notifications" option in the settings so that they do not reach you notifications. ¡The messages keep coming but they will not bother you!


Messages are encrypted with a 256-bit AES key that only the sender and receiver know. All communications with the servers are encrypted.

Open to the world

Meet people from your environment, talk to them, and if you want, add them to your contacts. You can also search for them by their name, in the search function.


If you do not want to be visible in the environment, do not enable the "Location" option in the configuration, and if you do not want to receive messages from unknown people, enable the option "Block contacts". Only your friends can talk to you!

Completely free and without advertising

Is and will always be completely free. We do not invade you with advertising and you have not to pay for any functionality.

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